World on my shoulders.

Where I throw it all off.

Fashion is the basis of what you can choose from and style is basically what you make out of it.

- Johannes Heubl


it takes strength to let someone be your shoulder to lean on, to admit that sometimes your feet just hurt too much all on your own.





Really love this show

2013. Finally done with all the A level bull shyte and stuff like that. Don’t feel that I will achieve what I want but I guess I shall keep my fingers crossed. NS coming up next! Honestly I was quite looking forward to it but a month till enlistment and now everything doesn’t seem as exciting as I thought it would :/ whatever it is, I can only hope for the best. And pray.

The right kind of love

I know its time to move on, even though I’m not ready. I’ve got to be strong, and trust where you’re heading.

Because the right kind of love doesn’t want you to miss the future for staying in the past, it will always hold on, but will never hold you back.

Even though its not easy, I know that right now, the right kind of love, is the love that lets go.

So its time that I love you, with the love that lets go.

十年后, 这些事故,回忆与情感还会在我们的内心里徘徊着吗?

Dam sex gosh new idol


Falling for you was the easy thing to do, if only somehow i could make you hang around… - the Ataris, Changes

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If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down.

Mary Pickford, silent screen star

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